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 “Christian is a hard-working and very detail oriented software developer. In my time working with Christian, where I was project managing the activities that Christian was assigned to, I experienced Christian as a very selfdriven person who was very consious of the quality level of his delivery. I could hand over a task or an activity to Christian, and rely 100% on him figuring out the needed details to deliver on the activities, and always to the highest quality level possible. Communication and cooperation with developers from other areas of expertice is also one of Christian's qualities.” May 14, 2009

 Tim Buchvald Christensen , Project Manager, PMP, M/PMI, M/IDA , GN ReSound worked directly with Christian at GN Resound

 “Christian worked for me as software-designer in a period of approximately 3 years. He is a very experienced and professional software designer who does what it takes to complete the task he is given, no matter of which langue is used or the level of documentation available. He is goal oriented, hardworking agile and very flexible. He has a lot of experience and is capable of looking at the task he is given both in the detailed perspective as well as in the "helicopter" perspective. He has high quality standards. As a person he is easy to approach and interacts good in a team structure. He is a senior guy that is capable of taking on both specialist tasks on his own as well as more supporting and training tasks for younger colleagues.” May 6, 2009

 Jens Ludvig (tidl Olsen) , SW Teamleader , Nokia managed Christian at Nokia Mobile Phones

 “At GN ReSound Chrisitan develops PC Software that is used to interface between the fitting/adjustment SW running on the PC and the actual features/algorithms running real-time in our Hearing Instruments. In this role, Chrisitan has proven to deliver on time and with focus on quality. Two important aspects - otherwise product introductions may be delayed or fail in the field. Also, Christian has shown great ability by own initiative to gain insight into the systems that he needed to develop interface SW for. As a person, Christian is a friendly and cooperative as a team member and ambitious when it comes to solving the tasks.” April 24, 2009

 René Mortensen , Vice President, Algorithm Development , GN ReSound as managed Christian indirectly at GN Resound

 “I have had the pleasure to work with Christian from November 2005 to October 2007. Christian is a very competent software engineer who is well structured and thorough in his work. He has a high level of personal energy. Even under pressure Christian manages to keep a smile on his face while he is still performing excellent. Christian is skilled in upward management in the sense that he provide honest, direct and constructive feedback in a very decent and sober manner. I'll give Christian my warmest recommendations and would welcome him in any team that I am part of.” October 26, 2007

 Steen Iversen, Director, GN ReSound managed Christian at GN Resound



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